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A Superb Large 18th Century Hei Tiki

Realised: $39,000 plus premium

Lot Details

A Superb Large 18th Century Hei Tiki A Suberb example of an early type II hei Tiki carved in the highly prized flawless kahurangi stone. The head displays intact ear and chin projections, small recessed eyes with surmounting crescent shaped eyebrow markings and lightly detailed nasal bridge and mouth. Details of the three-fingered hands are worn but clearly visible. Also noticeable are the small holes to mark three toed feet. Sex is identified as female. The back is flat and even with a countersunk suspension hole stone-drilled through the back of the head. Beautiful flawless patina. Provenance: purchased from Sotheby's London in 1981 Height 12cm. Y15098