The Epsom Collection of Taonga Tuesday, 19 March 2024 - 6:00 PM start

This superb collection was put together over 15 years with pieces purchased both in New Zealand and overseas. It comprises one of the finest collection of hei-tiki ever offered on the New Zealand market. Please note that some of the pieces in this catalogue have been registered under the Protected Objects Act. This is referred to as Y registration. Under the terms of this act items that are Y registered may not be sold to non New Zealand residents and may not leave the country without the consent of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. To purchase any Y registered item you must be a registered collector. To register as a collector you must apply to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage ( Our staff are available to answer any queries or conduct condition reports on request. Enquiries: James Parkinson Ph: 0220288541 Wellington Office 04 472 1367