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A 19th Century Tibetan Thangka Depicting Grahmatrika

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A 19th Century Tibetan Thangka Depicting Grahamatrika The three faced deity holding parasols, a vajra and other tantric implements. The upper section with Lama Tsongkhapa flanked by attendant bodhisattvas above a figure of Avalokitesvara and Amitabha. The lower section painted with Dzambhala, the wealth deity flanked by White Tara and Green Tara Grahamatrika, Mahavidya (Tibetan: za yum chen mo): a female deity that is related to the sun, moon, planets and constellations. She is sometimes referred to as the Queen of the Planets or Mother of the Planets. She is a meditational deity and her special function or activity is to remove obstacles that are caused by poorly aligned astronomical events 51 x 31 cm