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Early 19th Century Tibetan Offering Cabinet Panel

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

Lot Details

A Rare Early 19th Century Tongam Offering Cabinet Panel The Centre section hand painted with an offering shrine with a kapala (skull cup) containing offerings to the wrathful protector deities beneath a row of skull cups flanked by birds and dancing skeletons. The upper section depicting the sky burial charnel grounds with carrion birds. The lower section with snow lions, horses and yak. This rare panel was probably part of a Tongam offering cabinet. These cabinets were kept in the Gongkhag in Tibetan monasteries and were used to store offerings to the wrathful protector deities Provenance: Private collection Christchurch. Purchased from Paul Rutten Asiatic and Tribal Art, Amsterdam in 1995 87 x 70 cm